Fiddle Leaf Fig - Bush


The ficus lyrata, more commonly known as the fiddle leaf fig, is a gorgeous plant. Its iconic, fiddle-like leaves and dainty veins earned this plant its unique name. The plant is known for its graceful silhouette. 



Light: Fiddle leaf figs prefer lots of bright, filtered light. 

Water: Wait for the top inch of your fiddle leaf fig tree’s soil to dry before you pick up your watering can. Lukewarm or room temperature water works best since cold water can put plants into shock. Fiddle leaf figs like thorough waterings, but do not like to sit in water. To prevent this, let the water completely drain out from the bottom and ensure the pot’s tray or saucer is dry.

Temperature: These plants prefer warm, humid climates similar to the weather in their native rain forests. House your fiddle leaf figs in rooms that are around 65-75°F. Do not keep them in a room below 50°F or else they will start to develop brown spots. To increase humidity, you can keep other plants near them or keep the plant on top of a tray of gravel.

Fiddle leaf figs are also sensitive to drafts. Keep surrounding windows shut tight and place them safely away from air conditioning units and other sources of drafts. Too much exposure can dry out their leaves and cause the leaves to drop. You should also refrain from moving them unless absolutely necessary, since any sudden changes can also cause their leaves to drop.

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