Oh Clementine Candle - Limited Edition

The Magnolia Collection is a series of hand poured candles in collaboration with Rhicreations from Kingston, Ontario & Magnolia Flowers.

Every Candle has a Story, Brings Back a Memory, Floods your Senses

Oh Clementine

Clementines are alive with their fresh citrus rinds.  In stockings or on tables, they bring memories that chime of mulled wine, a season so fine, and a merry good time.

Scent Profile

This candle will fill your house with a cheerful citrus aroma.  All of the freshness of the season wrapped together. Clementine, Cinnamon, Sage and Spruce.

Candle Care

For a clean, even burn, keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch and allow wax to melt to jars edge; this will create an even burn cycle and prevent tunneling and soot build up and ultimately allow the candle to burn longer. 

The Details

Every Candle is hand poured with love using local and/or North American wax

Every Candle is made with lead & zinc free wicks

Every Candle scented with either essential oils or phthalate-free fragrances

Every candle is clean burning, the way it should be